Summer menu

name description weight price
Okroshka on yogurt 245 180
Okroshka on kvass 245 180
green salad Mix of lettuce leaves, fresh cucumber, tomato, red onion, wheat croutons, sauce to choose from 190/50 220
Add chicken breast to salad 120 120
Salad Buffalo Salad mix, fresh cucumber, chicken pieces in breadcrumbs and buffalo sauce, Dor Blue cheese, fresh tomato, celery, Blue Cheese sauce 310/90 380
Cobb salad-Bob Salad mix, egg, fresh tomato, chicken breast, bacon, Cheddar cheese, wheat toast, sauce to choose from 340/50 380
Fitness Burger Salad mix, cutlet from marble beef, Cheddar cheese, balsamic cream, red onion, fresh cucumber 80/180 380
Fish Bottom Seafood cutlet with homemade mashed potatoes, "Mushroom julienne" sauce 100/150/70 410
Meat casserole Homemade mashed potatoes, marbled beef steak with creamy mushroom sauce 200/20/50 410
Double Double burger Gourmet burger with double marble beef cutlet, with fresh vegetables and special sauces 510 500
Meat double Bubble More meat in the new summer burger, fresh vegetables, baked beef, cutlet from marble beef, a special sauce grill 360 530
Home-made cherry pie from short pastry 150 170
Panacota Vanilla 100 350
Panakota mango and passion fruit 100 350
Pistachio Pleasure Ice cream, pistachio sauce, biscuit 130 300
Pizza Greek Italian pizza with fresh vegetables, Feta cheese and spices 360 420
Pizza with chocolate Sweet dessert pizza with chocolate sauce, banana and shavings of almonds 370 380
Pear with blue cheese Gastronomic pizza with pear and cheese Dor Blue 460 470
Toasted garlic Black bread of own cooking, garlic oil 160 170
Mozzarella cheese sticks Served with marinara sauce 136/50 370
Nourish Bikini Bottom Onion rings, homemade toast with garlic, marbled beef sausage, sausage grilled chicken, branded sauce from Patrick 330/50 370
Mojito red grapefruit 1 liter 390
Mojito melon 1 liter 390
Mojito pineapple 1 liter 390
Lemonade with cucumber and raspberries 1 liter 370
Lemonade with strawberries and basil 1 liter 370
Sangria non-alcoholic 1 liter 370
Tarragon 1 liter 400
Home duchess 1 liter 400
Red grapefruit 1 liter 370